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Blog action day Get out of poverty

Today is a day to talk about one of the problems that most affect all of Latin America and the world at large: poverty.

In the case of my country I have seen many people as the government spends millions of dollars on unnecessary luxuries sillies and while there are many people dying of hunger. I remember having been not long ago in Marale (A town of Honduras), there I met many people who cried because they had neither food nor the resources to produce them. My pain and my abhorrence towards the government immediately, because while this was honest and hardworking people seeking food to survive the president going to spend thousands of lempiras, but ask the president how much he spent the day when he came out for a walk in the F5 airplane? . 90? 100 thousand lempiras? A little more? Meanwhile in the mountains of Honduras is still a lot of people dying of hunger.
Honduras needs a country plan to get out of poverty for its inhabitants. Help those who need it most, attract foreign investment, to train people, demand free quality education for all people. Today is the day to begin to create awareness in this generation and future.Let the planet Earth be better place to live. Eliminate poverty.

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  1. Hola Hugo, felicidades por tu blog. Puse tu blog en el articulo sobre Blog Action Day en < HREF="http://globalvoicesonline.org/2008/10/16/americas-bloggers-participate-in-blog-action-day-part-i" REL="nofollow"> Global Voices Online <>.Creo que es muy interesante que escribes en ingles y en español y eso podría ayudar mucho que la gente del exterior conozca mas a Honduras.Un saludo,Eduardo

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