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Honduras vs. México — First Part —

Honduras vs. Mexico – Part One

Hello Friends from all over Latin America!

For many days the only topic who people speaks in my country is the game that will face Honduras and Mexico today Nov. 19 at the Olympic stadium in San Pedro Sula. Both Mexicans and Hondurans have begun to create a hostile environment: The Mexicans because they have mixed a football match with another type of situations, to cite one example, the famous Faitelson from ESPN insulted all the Honduran people giving understand that our country in full of insignificant people. It is clear that every action has a reaction and the commentaries of this gentleman, well if I can call him a gentleman, have caused the repudiation of all Hondurans and many Latin Americans are coming to the end of wanting to kill this guy if he stepped on Honduras (I read it in a blog that is not ok to say which one).

Soccer generates violence and the comments of journalists even more, especially when they play with the illusions and hopes of the people. Recall that recently there was a death threat when supposedly because of a newspaper journalist from Diario Diez (Jorge Cardona) the coach Reynaldo Rueda dismiss the player Julio de León of the Honduran team

Paola Lazzaroni http://sexyblog.hondublogs.com mentioned in her blog that Honduras dependents on itself to win, also she spoke about the problem that caused Faitelson and invites all Hondurans to have confidence in their team.

Mr. Jorge Cardona said in his blog that this http://jorge.hondublogs.com that in this game Honduras is playing for three key points to continue in the World Cup qualifying and he mentions that some soccer celebrities believe that Honduras is a very dangerous team.

My Friends,soccer is just soccer, regardless if Honduras or Mexico wins will not be over, we will not be solved The problem of extreme poverty, either in Mexico or Honduras. With a victory in Honduras we did not achieve the nation’s development. With a defeat we will not be less than Mexico and they are not going to be a first-world country. This is just soccer, a game where if it is true there are many economic interests but in the end is just soccer. Denmark is still a great nation, a country with order and a high standard of living and gentlemen they are not going to all the world cups.

I ask all peace and sanity to the Honduran people even if we win or if we lose.

Greetings from Tegucigalpa.


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