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México vs Guatemala (En Vivo)

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  1. Everyone interested at the situation in Honduras should know:

    •That the honduran people has resisted stoically for over 3 years the governo of an individual that changed its mind at every tip creating confrontation between the institutions of the state.

    •That the honduran people had as president someone who considered Honduras as his particular state.

    •That his continued reject of the law has been the custom and not the exception.

    •That his intention its and have been to seek indefinite reelection trying to becoming a Chavez line dictator.

    •That the venerable Army of the Republic of Honduras did only the will of the law by removing Manuel Zelaya Rosales from the presidency.

    •That Honduras is only in a process of transition of powers as is written in the constitution of our Republic.

    •That several contries are trying to meddle into our soberanity by promising to send troops into our country to reinstate a fellow chavista to power

    Please help us to change the denomination that the international news networs give to this situation naming it a “Coup of Etat” when what is really going is a peaceful transition of power as is written by law and that will avoid Honduras to become another Chavez Filial.

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