They’re killing dolphins in Vegas

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Tell the Mirage to stop its cruel mistreatment of dolphins

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Dear HUGO,

The dolphins are trapped in a concrete pool next to a highway. They breathe in fumes and smog day after day. There’s no protection from the desert heat or the winter snow. Seventy-five percent die prematurely. 

This is the horrifying existence of the dolphins at The Mirage Hotel and Casino’s “Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat.” Imprisoned in pools that are too shallow and too small, they’re forced to do mindless tricks for high-paying guests day after day – until they develop respiratory infections and diseases that claim their lives.

No creature should be treated this way. Tell The Mirage to end its cruelty to dolphins.

Animal protection organizations have appealed to the National Marine Fisheries Service to deny The Mirage’s requests for more dolphins, but as more and more dolphins die — the death count is now at 14 — the Mirage keeps “restocking” its exhibit.

This isn’t the first time The Mirage has faced criticism for its reprehensible treatment of animals. In the past, The Mirage housed tigers in the building — but due to large opposition from the public, the casino is now tiger-free.

This set a clear precedent: If The Mirage believes the public fallout will be worse than the profits it makes from its mistreated animals, it will stop its despicable behavior.

Together, we can build the pressure needed to free The Mirage’s dolphins. Sign this petition today to tell The Mirage to stop imprisoning, mistreating, and causing the deaths of dolphins:

 Thanks for taking action,

— Judith and the Team

P.S. Once you add your name, click here to share this campaign on Facebook. To win against The Mirage, we’ll need a lot more people to know about the deadly conditions these dolphins face. 


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